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Quaggin Legal Services

Small Claims Proceedings, Landlord and Tenant Disputes

As a licensed paralegal and a proud member of the Law Society of Upper Canada, I am dedicated to providing my clients with innovative and accessible legal representation. My greater than 25 years of experience working in the private sector, both as an independent business owner/operator and in a management capacity, have provided me with an appreciation of the real world challenges that often result in legal disputes. This hard-earned knowledge has assisted me in developing and implementing effective strategies to achieve fair and favourable outcomes for my clients.

I take particular pleasure in helping clients successfully navigate a frequently complex and confusing legal system, and in ensuring that reasonable and cost-effective alternatives to formal legal proceedings are considered and proposed in every situation. Be confident, however, that if no alternative to litigation exists, I will resolutely pursue your claim and conscientiously undertake every measure to secure and protect your legal rights and interests.  

My foremost duty to any client is to achieve the fairest, least expensive, and swiftest resolution of any dispute, and my ability to fulfill this duty is complemented by the fact that – should circumstances dictate – I can quickly and seamlessly refer any legal matter to a senior lawyer with whom I act in association. 

In addition to being a paralegal licensee, I am a graduate with high honours from the Law Clerk Diploma program at Centennial College in Toronto, and a former member of the Institute of Law Clerks of Ontario (ILCO), and I have worked extensively assisting other practitioners as a legal researcher and writer.  I am delighted to act in association with participating paralegals through PPG, and I will continue to benefit from the expertise of my peers in accomplishing my primary professional goal – to deliver to my clients the most economical and effective legal representation, tailored to fit their individual needs and the unique demands of their particular legal dispute.

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